measured breaths copy

measured breaths

performance drawing, video and sound                      

duration:  approximately one hour

During the performance I made a drawing on one side of a freestanding wall of the gallery at Otis College of Art and Design. In the process of making the drawing, I synchronized my arm movements with my breathing.  Drawing a half circle with my right arm extended as far as possible when exhaling, I completed the circle with my left hand without graphite when inhaling. Over the course of the performance, the drawn lines from my right arm became dark and thick, while the repeated motion of my left arm left a mark like a shadow.

On the opposite side of the wall was a full scale video projection of a man using his arms to make circles synchronized with his breathing, similar to the motions that I was making, but with more difficulty and less range of motion.

The sound is the sound of the two persons breathing.

© Barbara Berk 2012